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11 a.m. Sunday in Delano: Farm workers march to honor Chavez legacy, stop Trump & push overtime pay

11 a.m. Sunday in Delano

Farm workers march to honor Chavez legacy, stop Trump & push overtime pay          

Giant ‘Chavez Si! Trump No!’ banners lead UFW march

Delano, Calif.—Kern County farm workers march on Sunday, April 17 to celebrate Cesar Chavez’s birthday, reject Donald Trump and other anti-immigrant presidential candidates, and support state legislation ending their exclusion from overtime pay after eight hours a day.

Thousands of United Farm Workers members and supporters took to the streets in three marches on Sunday, April 3 in the Central, Coastal and Sonoma valleys and on Sunday, April 10 in Oxnard to deliver a resounding  “No!” to Trump and remind consumers that #WeFeedYou. Farm workers continue the momentum Sunday in Delano by sending the message that Trump’s anti-immigrant bigotry is not welcomed. The marches are held annually to observe the March 31 birthday of the UFW founder, now celebrated as an official holiday in California and other states. This year marchers are also carrying large “Chavez Si! Trump No!” banners and are reminding the public who produces their food.

Farm workers, many undocumented, work long hours for meager pay to feed the nation and much of the world. Despite their hard work and sacrifice, they are excluded from overtime pay after eight hours of work. During peak season, field laborers often work 10 hours a day without overtime pay. AB 2757, by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, would gradually phase in standards for farm worker overtime, lowering the current 10-hour day level to the standard eight hours. AB 2757 would provide farm workers with the same pay other workers in the United States have received since the 1930s.

Who:   Kern County farm workers carrying big “Chavez Si! Trump No!” banners.

What: UFW-sponsored march honoring Cesar Chavez and opposing Donald Trump.

When & Where:
Begins at: 11 a.m., Sunday, April 17, 2016,
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 1015 Clinton St., Delano 93215.

Ends at: 901 Ellington St., Delano, CA, 93215. March arrives at approximately 12:30, rally will follow march.